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Revenue Manager

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    Lead and manage the pricing and revenue management function, with the aim of positively impacting the business by supporting all aspects of pricing and revenue management. Equip the business with the right recommendations, insight and analysis at the right time in order that effective decisions are made and outcomes are measured and understood.


    Key Accountabilities

    • Ownership of the external market and competitor analysis, using this insight to develop the revenue strategies
    • Formulate and implement revenue management strategies for the business to maximise the revenue potential of the homes
    • Development and management of a matrix model which flags when pricing reviews and/or decisions should be taken
    • Lead post implementation reviews of pricing, promotion, and discounting activity; apply structure to the sales tool kit
    • Work with key internal stakeholders to positively influence the delivery of the revenue strategy

    Key Responsibilities


    Guide the implementation of a strategic approach to revenue management:

    • Propose and agree with the business strategic revenue groupings to segment the estate. Each grouping to consist of defined KPIs for both target position and year-on-year change against which plans can be set and progress measured.
    • Development of a readily refreshable view of cost, demand and profitability by service type by home that prompts review or supports connected decisions. Refresh bi-annually and measure the impact of any changes made.


    Guide the business to optimal pricing or service mix;

    • The creation and maintenance of a data matrix, internal and external, that prompts dynamic in-year review of self-pay pricing
    • The development of a format for recommended price change to support a decision with the expected link between price, volume and mix made clear. Coordinate the submission and approval process. Measure, assess and summarise the impact of each change.
    • The development of data led analysis that informs where opportunity, budgeted or unbudgeted, exists to develop self-pay mix along with a dashboard that measures overall progress as well as relative progress by home
    • Lead a project to expand the existing self-pay rate cards into a room-by-room pricing sheet by home that maximises the opportunity to charge accommodation differentials
    • Process ownership of the annual inflationary increase to self-pay rate cards providing clear internal and market data that supports the recommendations home-by-home
    • Presenting informed scenarios of price versus time to fill for new homes together with impact on overall business case (price elasticity)
    • Maintenance of the RCS dynamic pricing model ensuring that internal and market data content is regularly updated
    • Bi-annual review of relative dependency and fees within a home to highlight where fee and dependency are diverging or where outliers exist so that targeted action can be taken.


    Equip the business with a sales toolkit and better understanding of overall price evolution

    • Work with relevant stakeholders to implement a set cycle and more consistent capture of a home’s market and competitive position
    • Produce monthly commentary on the impact of price changes and discounting activity
    • Define and maintain a dashboard that tracks and presents the overall evolution of non-contract Average Weekly Fee for Care UK [in the format of a price index?]
    • Coordinate the interested stakeholders in the development and approval of a sales toolkit thereafter maintaining its use, evolution and impact
    • Other ad hoc analysis projects relating to revenue management


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